Calendering with the highest precision

Whether rubber or plastic – we not only have the right calender, but even the entire calender line for you!


Almost any type of thermoplastic can be calendered. The only requirement is that the material used has a high viscosity. We develop and build 2-, 3- and 4-roll calenders pre-assembled or according to your requirements.

The built-in rollers have wear-resistant surfaces, are resistant to bending and pressure in order to meet the high requirements of the materials.

In addition, the rollers can heat or cool in order to control the temperature of your materials perfectly.

Calender system technology

The calender system technology is characterized by:

  • Proven mechanical engineering, in particular roller construction, variable kneading of the individual equipment, as well as numerous control points
  • Depending on the calender, the second roller can be lifted out for drawing in the web
  • selected microprocessor-controlled drive technology
  • optimal hot water technology
  • adapted control technology for regulating the roller speeds, roller temperatures, film thickness, width and length per roll
  • extensive process data monitoring

We optionally offer you the following options:

  • Roller setting
  • Roller bearing clearance compensation devices
  • Counter-bending devices
  • Cambered rollers


space-saving – safe – cost-efficient

ERMAFA machines are tailored precisely to your wishes and needs.

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Head of Construction

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