Deep Hole Drilling Milling Machine AX2 TLFduo

Our new AUERBACH AX2 TLFduo combines both the technology of deep hole drilling as well as milling in one machine. In contrast to our conventional deep hole drilling milling machines, the new duo-version has got 2 separate machining units for the complex machining of workpieces. The change between the deep hole drilling and milling operation is programable without a rebuilding process.
The machine’s standard is a 3 tons rotary table with a size 1.000 x 1.000 mm. Our integrated deep hole drilling unit has a diameter range of 3 – 28 mm (optional 3 – 36 mm) and a drilling depth in one stroke of maximal 1.100 mm (optional 1.400 mm). The milling unit has a milling capacity of 300 cm³/min. The AX2 TLFduo can be equipped with the control SIEMENS 840D sl or HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 – depending on customer requirements. The automatic tool changer can be equipped during machining.

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