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Deep Hole Drilling Milling Machine AX3 TLF-U

Fully Automated Deep Hole Drilling Milling Machine for multilateral machining of workpieces up to 10 tons

Technical Data of the Deep Hole Drilling Milling Machine AX3 TLF-U:

• universal tool changer up to 12 ELB gun drills and 120 conventional tools
• up to 1.200 mm drilling depth in one stroke
• drilling diameter 6 – 32 mm
• NC rotary table up to 10 tons
• swivelling deep drilling-milling-unit
• control SIEMENS 840D sl or HEIDENHAIN TNC 640
• up to 6 CNC-axis
• two moveable steady rests with collision monitoring
• inner coolant supply with pressure / flow control
• high-pressure coolant unit for deep drilling oil or emulsion
• accessible housing with roof

All information is supplied without guarantee. Technical changes reserved. Status as of July 2019.

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