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TMI-Series (interlocking mixers) The technical rubber goods industry makes steadily higher demands regarding the homogeneous distribution of the mixture components and the degree of dispersion of the mixture. For these demands, ERMAFA has developed a new interlocking rotor geometry series. There are optimised cooling channels inside of the kneading block which guarantee homogeneous temperature control. Moreover, all mixture-touching components are temperature-controlled and ensure efficient processing of temperature-sensitive compounds. An optimised drive dimensioning in connection with an intelligent ram pressure regulation provides an efficient energy consumption in the mixing chamber. Innovative dust sealing solutions which are adapted to each application, minimise the entry of lubricant and reduce the mixture exit.

· optimised for the highest degrees of dispersion and homogeneous mixture distribution
· optimised design of cooling channel for efficient temperature regulation of mixture-touching components
· optimised drive dimensioning for the highest efficiency in connection with intelligent ram pressure regulation
· innovative dust sealing solutions – adapted to each application
· special ERMAFA rotors lead to an optimal mixture
· minimised set-up time due to modular construction
· optional plasticizer injection
· application specific special armouring
· mixing chamber is foldable –> easiest, fastest cleaning which leads to a faster production of a new usable mixture
· innovative cleaning and wear measuring possibility (optionally)
· possibility of changing the size and dimensions if required

· total volume [l]: 0,6 – 192
· effective volume [l]: 0,42 – 135
· nominal power [kW]: 15 – 720
· ram drive: pneumatic or hydraulic

Please take detailed information about the several machine types from the data sheets.

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