Increased efficiency and future viability

New technologies for automating processes or systems

Increasing automation in manufacturing plants is revolutionizing the way companies produce and do business. This advanced technology brings numerous benefits:

ERMAFA is shaping the future of automation in close cooperation with production companies from a wide range of industries. Our tailor-made solutions help to optimize your processes, reduce costs and strengthen your competitiveness. Find out how you can benefit from automation - contact us for an individual consultation!


  1. Individual workstation solutions: Efficient and customized solutions for assembly, joining and handling processes at individual workstations to optimize production processes.

  2. Robot cells: State-of-the-art robot cells for a wide range of applications such as assembly, welding, component handling or measuring processes - precise and flexible for the most diverse requirements.

  3. Turnkey solutions: Comprehensive turnkey solutions that cover all aspects of your production. From parts infeed and outfeed to testing and measuring systems to labeling systems, handling and assembly robots and fixtures to processing machines - everything from a single source for maximum efficiency.


Example of automation in production: camshaft systems

Our automated camshaft systems represent the pinnacle of modern manufacturing technology, specifically designed to ensure maximum efficiency and precision. Here are the outstanding features:

  1. Precise production: Through advanced automation technology, we achieve precise manufacturing of every camshaft. Each machining step is carried out with the highest accuracy to exceed quality standards.

  2. Increased efficiency: Our automated systems optimize the entire production process by focusing on speed and efficiency. The resulting short cycle times lead to a significant increase in overall efficiency.

  3. Cost savings: Investing in our automated camshaft systems leads to long-term cost savings. Reduced personnel costs, minimized reject rates and more effective use of resources contribute to the profitability of your production.

  4. Flexibility and adaptability: Our systems offer the flexibility to adapt to changing production requirements. They can be easily converted to new product lines or special requirements.

  5. Quality assurance: Automated testing and measuring processes ensure that every camshaft meets the highest quality standards. Early fault detection and correction guarantee consistently high product quality.

Are you interested in

  • Single workstation solutions
  • Robot cells
  • Turnkey solutions


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