Rotary presses

Rotary presses

Efficient vulcanization of the materials

Customized rotary presses for plastic products

For high-quality vulcanizing in the plastics industry

We offer tailor-made rotary presses for the so-called rotary vulcanization process (vulcanization for short), which are used in the field of thermoplastics, among other things.

Elastomer materials are pressed through the C-shaped rollers, allowing products with reinforcing inserts such as sealing sheets, roofing membranes, floor coverings and lightweight conveyor belts to be manufactured seamlessly. Depending on the materials to be processed, we can coat the roller surfaces for you on request in order to achieve optimum results for specific applications.

Heatable drums ensure perfect temperature control of the materials and the steel pressure belt enables continuous products, especially in the range below 10 mm thickness.

It is not only the optional belt heating that ensures increased production speed - the option of a database connection to save your recipes also speeds up your internal production processes enormously.

Our engineers adapt the performance of the machines to the conditions in your production halls. Details on software operation are also scaled according to your requirements and those of your operating personnel.

Variation options

On request you will receive:

  • Infrared heating
  • Heating channel Product outlet
  • Unwinding unit in front of the rotary press
  • Cooling unit after the rotary press
  • Winding unit after the rotary press
Rotary press

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