Reaktruder for single-type recycling

Rubber powder of the highest quality

In the production and processing of elastomers, small to medium-sized remnants are often left over that are no longer used in the production process and have to be disposed of.

In order to be able to feed these valuable raw materials back into the economic or production cycle, we have developed a recycling technology that uses high shear forces to shred the remaining material and convert it into fine rubber powder. This fine powder is of high quality and can be returned to the original mixture.

Almost the entire spectrum of technical elastomers can be processed (FKM, EPDM, (H) NBR, AEM). With this technology, you ensure efficient use of the purchased material, especially when raw material prices rise.

Technical details:

  • Processing of material quantities of up to 200kg / h
  • Grain size below 400μm
  • large, specific surface
  • optimal co-vulcanization with the starting mixture
  • Oversized grain is automatically returned and ground again
  • Wear-protected zones
  • Substitution of up to 30% of new goods without any loss of quality
Reaktruder Ermafa

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