Lightweight press

Lightweight press

Hydraulic lightweight press

Performance without a foundation


We were able to develop a special innovation in the field of forming together with the IWC. A hydraulic press was created here that requires neither a foundation nor a basement.

Unlike conventional hydraulic presses, we can provide you with individual sizes, tailored to your specific applications. In this way, you minimize the space required in the workshop and lower both acquisition and running costs.


  • Cost savings in investment, installation and operation
  • no basement, no foundation necessary
  • low overall height, less space required
  • low connected load
  • Investment cost savings of up to 40%
  • Unit cost reduction up to 30%
  • Expansion of the market segment for formed parts through small batch sizes
  • Integration in assembly lines or other process chains possible
  • high mobility
  • modular structure (multiple use of individual modules)
  • low maintenance and repair costs, quick tool change


Lightweight press

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Philip Hadamus

project Manager

Telephone: (+ 49) 0371 334 281 151