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High quality rubber compounds for the tire and rubber industry


The know-how in the field of mixing mills, which has grown over decades, makes us a respected contact in this field. Thanks to our expertise and a standard program that can be adapted to the respective requirements, our machine concepts can be found in many branches of industry, such as seal manufacturers or the tire industry.

Our rolling mills process both classic materials such as rubber and future-oriented materials efficiently and in high quality. Another essential feature are the digital control systems, which ensure operational safety and high quality standards.

Our rolling mills are designed according to the requirements of DIN EN 1417-2015-03. In doing so, we can take into account individual security standards, which usually go beyond the requirements of the generally applicable standard.

The drive design and bearing dimensioning are adapted by our construction to your wishes and the respective requirements.

The advantages of our rolling mills:

  • large area of application with optimal adaptation
  • Single machine or line arrangement
  • Modular construction or special construction to adapt to the technology, interlinking and the degree of automation of the mixing lines
  • excellent cooling or temperature control through peripherally drilled rollers (optionally also chamber drilled)
  • precisely adjustable process speed
  • low space requirement, high output with high operational reliability and minimal maintenance
  • easy usability
  • central control panel
  • hydraulic or electric roller gap adjustment
  • adjustable cooling / heating through central arrangement of the supply and discharge lines
  • Ability to monitor bearing lubrication
  • high protection quality
  • Tiltable installation of the housing for the roller bearings to avoid edge pressure
  • Overload protection against roll and frame wall breakage by pressure relief valve
  • Scraper jaws can optionally be folded down and / or displaced to avoid the entry of processing material into the storage
  • Single drives
  • Shortest braking angle thanks to redundant brake design
  • Protective switch bars across the entire width in front of the front and drive roller guarantee inevitable shutdown in the event of unintentional approach to the rollers

We have the following variation options ready for you:

  • special roller coatings
  • stepless friction
  • Guide jaws foldable and / or slidable
  • Drive design and performance adaptable
  • Dimensions according to your wishes within the technical feasibility
  • individual cutting devices
  • effectively cooling or warming stick blenders
  • Skin mixing and throwing device
  • Baffle above the rollers
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