UD tape process

UD tape for fiber-reinforced structural components

Resilient lightweight components for aviation and automotive engineering


UD tapes are tapes reinforced with continuous fibers with a thermoplastic matrix. They are enjoying increasing popularity in various branches of industry, because the starting material can be shaped flexibly, is lightweight and yet resilient. The glass or carbon fibers of the UD tape are unidirectional and can be processed several times into components using pressing or thermal processes.

The tapes are manufactured using the patented direct impregnation process, which results in a high degree of impregnation and a good bond between the fibers and the matrix material. The fiber content of the tapes can be flexibly adjusted for different areas of application.

In further process steps, organic sheets and molded parts can be produced from the UD tape.

Advantages of the raw material:

  • high load capacity thanks to several layers
  • low component weight
  • Suitability for thermoforming
  • higher recycling potential than e.g. thermoset solutions
UD tape process

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